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Footyplace | September 1, 2014

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Madness at Cardiff sure to continue despite Tan sympathy

28/08/2014 |

Vincent Tan is being viewed in a more sympathetic light than ever before, but don’t expect an end to the madness at Cardiff, writes Dan Lewis. Read More

Newcastle need striker to realise ambition

26/08/2014 | 2

Harry De Cosemo believes Newcastle may need to buy a new striker before the transfer deadline if they are to achieve their aims this season. Read More

Readers Blogs: Matured Balotelli perfect for Liverpool

24/08/2014 |

Leon Elliot believes Mario Balotelli’s transfer to Liverpool may turn out to be the perfect move for both parties. Read More

Early signs look good for Chelsea and Liverpool – but not United

19/08/2014 | 10

Chelsea’s midfield will be key to their Premier League title chances this season but while Liverpool could challenge them, Manchester United have a huge task ahead. Read More

Bowyer, Holloway and Sharp impress on week two

18/08/2014 |

Dan Lewis has praise for Blackburn’s Gary Bowyer, Millwall’s Ian Holloway and new Leeds striker Billy Sharp following the second weekend of the Championship. Read More

Newcastle can feel optimistic despite defeat

18/08/2014 |

The result was the same, but Newcastle have reason to feel more optimistic after their 2-0 defeat to Manchester City than they did in January. Read More