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Footyplace | October 25, 2014

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Readers’ Blogs: Stoke should not fear rampant Saints

24/10/2014 |

Southampton are on the highest of highs after dishing out an 8-0 beating last week, but Stoke City should not head south with any fear.

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Europa League can be Spurs’ new Holy Grail

23/10/2014 |

The Europa League is often seen as a pain clubs can do without, but for Spurs it could just be the catalyst they’ve been chasing for years.

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Five Liverpool problems bigger than shirt swaps

23/10/2014 |

Mario Balotelli swapped a shirt and everyone is deeply outraged. Liverpool have bigger problems than that, though, and here are five of them.

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Hazard emerging as ballon d’Or contender

22/10/2014 |

Chelsea strolled to a Champions League club-record victory on Tuesday evening, but it was one particular player who stood out most of all. Read More

Monk wrong to blame ref for Stoke defeat

21/10/2014 |

After Garry Monk hit out at Michael Oliver following Swansea’s defeat at Stoke, Pete Spencer explains why referees need to be given a voice. Read More

The hard work starts now for Newcastle

21/10/2014 |

Alan Pardew and Newcastle finally enjoyed some much-needed relief in beating Leicester, but Harry De Cosemo insists the hard work starts now.

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