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Footyplace | October 20, 2014

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Topic: Rooney out and Jose in at Old Trafford?

Homepage Forums Betting Rooney out and Jose in at Old Trafford?

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    Paddy Power

    Rooney out and Jose in at Old Trafford?
    [See the full post at: Rooney out and Jose in at Old Trafford?]



    This paddy power seems to know everything. He must have top insider mates….



    On Tuesday if you looked carefully at Mouriniho you could just see a little bit of Fergussons shit on the end of his nose! A dead cert for OT if you ask me? However Rooney gets dropped for one game but still comes on and hes on the way out in all the papers?? More like a wake up call from Fergusson to stay in shape.



    I agree on both counts, Jim.

    I’m amazed so much is being made of Rooney being dropped for one game, but I’m more sure than ever now that Mourinho will one day take over at OT.

    Itsa, you’ll notice Rooney is odds on with Paddy Power to STAY.


    John Helmet

    you can’t imagine rooney living abroad, can you? he melts in the heat and his big head goes bright red. its one of the main reasons he flops in summer tournaments. the furthest south rooney could handle is birmingham!



    The thing with Rooney leaving after being dropped for one game that makes no sense to me is that he has been ‘linked’ with City, Chelsea and Madrid (amongst others) and those three operate a rotation system for their striker so Rooney would spend more time on the bench there than at OT.

    Sunday’s team sheet will say a lot about his future.



    John, Spot on doubt the chips are good enough in Paris. Alfie fergusson sells his players when they are on the decline, its his choice when he sells not the players (ronaldo being the rare exception). I think rooney will be at OT for a couple more summers but after that I think fergusson will ship him out. But who knows lol, I also suspect that deep down he hasnt forgiven him for his little spat where he slagged off the rest of the team in public?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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